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We’re not just another corporate video production company in  New York; we’re your strategic partner in corporate communication.

We are loyal, fierce, committed to you and your brand’s success. With a strong presence in both New York and Los Angeles, we’ve become the go-to choice for corporations and brands that are committed to excellent video production services.

Our mission? To turn your creative concepts into unforgettable  campaigns.

Understanding Your Corporate Video Production Goals

Our corporate video production New York services don’t start with cameras, far from it. We start with your business objectives.

We align your corporate video content strategy to tangible business objectives, empowering you with video content that delights target audience and helps achieve  goals. Tailoring your corporate video content strategy to business objectives makes it easy to reach ROI of your corporate video production budget. Using best-in-class research tools and our in-house strategists, we create a data-based content strategy that addresses what your audience wants to hear. We identify the content that attracts, engages, and converts audience into brand advocates. We pinpoint content gaps in your past corporate video production efforts  continuously benchmarks your content’s performance against your competitors.

Script Writing & Creative Services

We offer script writing services for all of our clients. We help you identify the correct messaging, and present you with multiple options on how best to present it so it is engaging to your audience.

Our corporate video content production strategy identifies the steps audiences take to reach the point of purchase, and the content they want at each step. The video content that brings in new audiences may not convert them into buyers.
The corporate videos
that raise brand awareness may not answer questions about the product.We may need to create social content product to support your wider goals. With a video content strategy that reflects your audience journey, you’ll build trust and efficiently convert audiences into customers. From developing the creative brief, concept and script, we turn strategy into stories and visuals. The creative team presents script and storyboards for client approval. Client feedback is incorporated and final storyboards are sent out to client.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Video Production in New York City

What does a corporate video production company in New York do?

The best corporate video production teams in New York City help their clients with video production services that result is powerful corporate videos that achieve business results. The corporate video production team will take the client’s brief or instruction and from there, create a plan that moves the project from pre-production to post-production smoothly. The corporate video production team will write the script, take feedback from the client on the same and revise accordingly, prep the actors or personalities that are to appear in the video, draft storyboards and get client approval, manage studio shoot days to stay within budget, and finally, move to the project to post-production: editing, music scoring, graphics and animation, color and master.

How much does it cost to make a corporate video in New York?

Sinematic is committed to keeping budgets reasonable and efficient for our clients. We deliver high-end corporate video production services for our clients, and our budgets usually start from $10,000.  Final cost in the production of a corporate video depends on several factors, including, but not limited to, number of days of filming, crew and cast size, visual effects used, graphics and animation etc. For more details on cost, please take a look at our detailed cost breakdown of video production. What should a corporate video have?

How do I find the best company for corporate video production New York City?

One of the best ways to find a team for video production  in New York is by reviewing online portfolios of previous campaigns produced by the team. You want to look at the script, the look and feel of the video, the quality of the studio, the motion graphics.

What elements ensure a successful corporate video production in New York City ?

A good team of corporate video production in New York City knows that most importantly, the best corporate videos have a clear objective. What is this corporate video looking to? The more detailed the answer, the higher the chances of success. Secondly, the best corporate videos have a good and clear story. Regardless of the matter at hand, the corporate video should follow the true-and-tested format of all stories. An opening that sets time, place, characters involved. Next, an incident that changes the status quo. Thirdly, a crisis that must be solved, followed by a climax in which the crisis hits its peak point. Finally, an ending in which we find our cast of characters find resolution to the crisis. No matter how difficult the content matter at hand, whether it is complex financial products or ready-to-consume packaged goods, their story should align with the format above. The format can be rearranged, but a good corporate video will hit all these stages.

How long does it take to make a corporate video in NYC?

The length of a corporate video production project usually depends on the complexity of the project. A good video production team will get on your project right away and seek to understand your needs ASAP. Usually, holding hands on the video script will take about one week, depending on the complexity. Pre-production of location scouting, casting, storyboards will take another one week. We usually shoot one to two days in studio, and post-production is another two weeks roughly. Items such as multiple locations, VFX, celebrity handling, large casts will also add more time to the schedule. In-camera tricks that impact safety as stunts, pyrotechnics will also add more time to the pre-production to ensure safety for cast and crew.

Pre-Production for Corporate Video Production NYC

Firstly, all of our video production services begin with aligning on project objective and scope. After, we do submit drafts of creative concepts to our corporate clients. Usually, the clients will provide feedback on the concepts, choose a creative direction that is best aligned with the corporate goals. After, we will then do storyboards based on the approved concept.

We hold several meetings with stakeholders to make sure that which was approved in the script has been fully translated to the visual boards. Next, our team will start scouting for locations, casting for actors, building props and set decor. We may need to create backdrops etc in case of scenes that may need to be shot in studio. There may be some cast and client members who need to travel; and the team will also handle items such as travel, hotels, security and the like. Depending on budget, we may have a pre-light day ahead of the shoot, and the client is able to watch the cast and the director rehearse the shots. This is a great opportunity for the client to give feedback ahead of the actual shooting day.

Film Production On Set

Production is usually limited to studio or location days. The schedule of the production day is planned ahead thoroughly, and we have members of our video production service team that ensures that there is full use of the days assigned to production.

Usually, our crews will arrive on set prior to client arrival, and be on their mark ready for the camera to roll. As mentioned prior, all items and actions have been thoroughly rehearsed and have received approval from client prior to the filming day, and we usually move from shot to shot fast. Video production service companies in New York have the major advantage that this is a hub for film, tv and theater; and the talent pool of actors is usually top-notch, and a good percentage of the New York actors are graduates of the various professional training programs in the city and nearby. When the camera starts rolling, you are sure to see the quality of talent that New York brings. The delivery of a New York cast is a league of its own, and we are proud to call these talented men and women our dear colleagues.

Corporate Video Post Production in NYC

After finishing the filming, we quickly move to edit. Again, our director leads the post-production team using materials – script, storyboards, studio notes – that are the result of client approvals and conversations.

At this stage, any green screen shots are transformed into final shots with correct backgrounds and accompany special effects. We have our own team of music composers who create original music and score for our productions, specially written to match the edit and pace of the video. Finally, we do color correction and master the final video for correct aspect ratio for either social or broadcast and deliver it to your team.

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Rating & Reviews

My team and I recently had the pleasure of working with Sinematic for our company's corporate video production in New York, and I am pleased to say that we all walked away very happy with the exceptional service and quality of work. This was a brand collaboration between our brand Reserved & Polished and a social media personality with a distinct personal brand. Sinematic responded to our initial request for a quote fast, and we were able to get on a call that same afternoon.

Rachel J. | CEO, Reserved & Polished

I have had an amazing time working with this. They receive my highest recommendation !

Ilaria Montagnani | CEO, PowerStrike

Good corporate video production company for anyone or marketers looking for video production services in New York. Sinematic initially helped us with a few videos for investor education, later retained for social content.

Anthony W. | The New School

Five star ! Very good production partner.

Anthony W. | The New School

Everyone on set was very, very professional. This was a wonderful team, thank you !

Carole D. | CMO, Arbonne

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Film Crews for Corporate Video Production NYC

Our corporate video production crews come with at least 10+ years experience per crew member.

With a video production crew of more than 80 film and production professionals ranging from best-in-class film directors, cinematographers, grips and gaffers, VFX supervisors and special effect stunt coordinators, we shoot to approved creative. Clients are always welcome to our sets.