Case Study : Financial Services Video Production

Sinematic is an experienced financial services video production company, providing creative and production services to blue-chip financial services brands. We’ve partnered with a diverse range of financial institutions, including regional, national, and international banks, investment brokerages.

We have also worked with , option trading firms, real estate brokerages, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and more. In its capacity as a financial services video production company, Sinematic was hired to develop, film and deliver a 30 seconds TV commercial for a real estate investment advisory fund in New Jersey. The financial institution was targeting high net worth individuals and institutional investors to open up new accounts at the Fund. The target audience had an appetite for low risk, and conservative but consistent returns.

Polished TV Commercials for Financial Services

Though the fund had invested heavily into TV media buy with national reach, the CMO believed that the quality of their commercials could be improved to reach high-net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Further, with a minimum of $100,000 to open an account, a polished visual look was necessary for the real estate fund. As an experienced company in financial marketing video production, Sinematic was able to compete and win the trust of this real estate investment fund team.

Casting Brand Spokesperson in Financial Services Video Production

The Fund hired Sinematic for financial video production services, and its first task was in casting a spokesperson who would carry the message in a series of commercials for the brand.

The spokesperson needed a friendly yet trusted look, someone who would easily build brand trust. Sinematic worked tirelessly to find the right face, and ran casting sessions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Toronto to look for the right person. Finally, just a few weeks before the campaign we found our man, and he was perfect for the look we were going for. Sinematic’s meticulous approach to financial video production services ensured the selection of the perfect spokesperson for the brand’s commercials.

Results & Awards

The campaign won 3 Telly Awards for Best Regional TV Campaign for Financial Services (Non-Bank) in Directing, Cinematography and Editing.

Sinematic’s expertise in financial video production services was pivotal in developing and filming a polished TV commercial for the real estate investment fund. Sinematic’s collaborative financial video production services ensure client satisfaction and award-winning campaigns.

Financial Services Video Production for Retail Investors

Sinematic was tapped to create a financial services video campaign for an international online broker providing binary options. The target audience were young investors with an appetite for high risk and high returns.

The campaign was to run during the holiday season, and similarly, the campaign was to incorporate the Christmas theme into the campaign. Sinematic was responsible for all aspects of the campaign, including creative, production and post. The financial services video campaign was successfully shot over the course of 2 days, with a very fast edit including color correction, music and motion graphics completed in a 5 days period.


Results : Investment App Downloads

The campaign aired in 30 countries, including, and broke the brand’s records for hitting 100,000 views in 8 hours.

The brand saw +1200% lift in download and installs of the mobile binary trading platforms on Apple Store and Google Store in the two weeks immediately following the campaign.

Sinematic’s financial video production services drove remarkable results, including a significant increase in investment app downloads.

Awards for Financial Services Ad Campaign

Sinematic’s excellence in financial video production earned industry recognition with a Gold Telly Award for Financial Services Marketing. 

Why Sinematic Is The Financial Services Video Production Company For You

  • Deep industry experience with financial services video production targeting both institutional and retail investors
  • Committed and alert to both FTC and state financial marketing regulations
  • Assured delivery of polished, high end video footage, helping boost your brand trustworthiness
  • Use of detailed storyboards to empower you to visualize the campaign second by second, helping you align top stakeholders and get feedback prior to the campaign
  • Delivery of social media edits for your campaign, empowering you to run a 360-campaign
  • Delivery of audio re-edit of your video campaign, empowering you to run radio and streaming campaign on radio, podcasts, streaming apps such Spotify, Pandora,

In short, Sinematic’s deep industry experience and commitment to FTC and SEC marketing compliance make us the premier choice for financial video production services for your brand.

Our Suite of Financial Video Production Services

Our comprehensive suite of financial video production services includes creative script writing, storyboards, pre-production planning, and more, tailored to meet your brand’s needs

  • Creative & Script Writing
    Creative concepts and scripts with a ‘wow’ factor to power your financial marketing campaign, with each concept matching your brand tone and aligning with your overall strategy.
  • Storyboards
    Visual illustrations showing second-by-second play of how the final videos will look.
  1. Pre-production
    We handle all casting, location scouting, location permits, designing and fabrication of the studios, casting, wardrobe and fitting etc
  2. Production: In Studio & On Location
    We shoot with high-end gear and with the best crews in New York, including, but not limited to, directors, cinematographers, gaffers, grips, production designers, stylists etc. We welcome our clients to be on set with us
  3. Post-Production
    We edit fast, and we fully welcome the notes from our financial clients. This is your campaign, and we will take care of your edit notes.
  1. Motion Graphics & Animation
    We will add motion graphics consistent with your brand. This will be useful in showing important information such as rate of returns, fees, disclosures.
  2. Master for Broadcast
    We will match the audio and video specifications for your national and regional broadcast network.
  3. Resize for Social
    We will resize your campaign to fit with current social media specifications for both vertical, horizontal and square. As such, you will receive edits of the video in 16:9, 9:16, 1×1.
  4. Video SEO for YouTube, Linkedin, Web
    We will conduct keyword research for YouTube, Linkedin and provide best options for title, descriptions etc when publishing the campaign on the platform for optimal organic reach to your prospective clients.

Video Production Deliverables for Financial Service Brands

We have been in the trenches of financial services video production continuously for the last 12+ years. We have seen how new marketing rules from the FTC have impacted how we talk about product offerings.

We have revised copy on the studio set just before the camera went up because the FTC released a new set of rules the day prior to the shoot. We are veterans here, we have lived to tell the tale.

Some of our deliverables include : broadcast campaigns (standard 30 second spots), social media campaigns for YouTube (45 second spots), corporate videos for web and LinkedIn and much more.


Our campaigns have highlighted several, including, but not limited to :


  • New product offerings e.g. mortgage loans, CDs, savings accounts etc
  • Incentives for retail clients e.g. bonus deposits
  • Investor education, for example, how to use investment platforms, investment strategies
  • Investment platform features e.g. easy charting, availability of wide variety of financial indicators etc

We have often combined brand awareness campaigns with product videos, improving meet our client goals and campaign ROI targets.

Product Videos for Financial Services

Sinematic’s product videos for financial services provide comprehensive information on returns, asset diversification, and liquidity, essential for informed decision-making by your prospective clients.

Your financial brokerage may be offering investment products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETDs, or insurance products such as variable annuities. Your clients would naturally want to know about the level of risk and the reasonable anticipated rate of return.

Whilst prospectuses are a traditional way of sharing fine details, engaging, brand-appropriate product videos that have been produced by a professional financial services video production company would help educate the clients much faster about your financial products, and help your prospective clients  make better decisions on the right brokerage for them.


To start with, we always advise clients to create videos that tackle the four basic concerns of clients buying new financial products :


Our financial services video production will highlight the potential returns and performance of your financial products, providing clear, concise information to prospective clients, and doing so in a manner fully compliant with the FTC financial marketing guidelines. Using innovative and engaging visuals coupled with informative narration, we will help your viewers understand the expected returns and benefits of the products, and why they are the best choice in the marketplace.

Diversification of Asset Classes

Your brokerage would also be able to educate clients about how the different classes you offer would help in diversification and appropriate asset allocation according to their risk appetite.

Prospective clients would benefit immensely from videos that share how fast and easy it is to buy and sell your investment products, the number of days it takes for withdrawal to settle etc. Whilst these may sound like miscellaneous items, they are crucial items for a prospective investor, and interesting copy, motion graphics and professional imagery from a professional financial services production company would be able to get these and other items across in an engaging, assuring way, helping your prospects open new investment accounts with your firm.

Fraud & Legal Compliance with SEC and FTC Marketing Rules 

As a professional financial services video production company, we understand the importance of compliance with regulatory requirements and protection against fraud. Our creative and video production team will work with you throughout the ideation and production period to ensure that all content meets SEC marketing rules and undergoes professional legal review to mitigate risks and uphold industry standards. We prioritize transparency and accuracy in our clients’ messaging. Sinematic ensures adherence to SEC and FTC regulations, safeguarding your brand’s integrity in all financial video production services and helping build trust and confidence amongst your audience. With us, you are always safe, never sorry.   

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Services Video Production

What is financial services video production ?

Financial services video production is the process of creating video content and campaigns particularly for the financial services industry, including, but not limited to, banks, investment brokerages, insurance companies, financial technology firms such as payment processors etc. The process may include both creative and production services, where a production company handles the tasks of creating the concept, filming it, editing and delivering a finished video to the financial client.

Why is video production important for financial services?

As a tool, video is a powerful tool in financial marketing. Many financial services brands use video to explain product features, e.g. rate of returns, financial risk etc. Financial companies may also use videos to build trust with clients as well as reach a wider audience, especially if the video is distributed via paid social media placement or TV campaign.

How can financial services video production improve client engagement?

Financial services videos help improve client engagement because they present what would be otherwise staid, complex information in simple, visually stimulating ways. For example, using simple animation, a bank may answer how-to questions that clients may have about their online banking, or a brokerage firm may detail how to use complex investment platforms using videos with ease.

What should be included in a financial services explainer video?

Financial services explainer videos are powerful tools for simplifying complex information to current and prospective clients. At the very least, your financial services explainer video should include a clear and concise explanation of financial services or products you offer, engaging visuals and a strong call to action. Crucial and important : Do make sure that your marketing copy has been reviewed by your internal legal team and abides by the SEC and FTC marketing rules.

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My team and I recently had the pleasure of working with Sinematic for our company's corporate video production in New York, and I am pleased to say that we all walked away very happy with the exceptional service and quality of work.

Rachel J. | CEO, Reserved & Polished

I have had an amazing time working with this. They receive my highest recommendation !

Ilaria Montagnani | CEO, PowerStrike

Good corporate video production company for anyone or marketers looking for video production services in New York. Sinematic initially helped us with a few videos for investor education, later retained for social content.

Anthony W. | The New School

Five star ! Very good production partner.

Anthony W. | The New School

Everyone on set was very, very professional. This was a wonderful team, thank you !

Carole D. | CMO, Arbonne

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