Social Media Video Production Company in Los Angeles

Are a social media marketer  searching for a social media video production company in Los Angeles ? Are you a social media marketer looking for a social media video content production in LA  that will be a true partner in elevating your brand’s social media presence ? Stop the scroll, pump the breaks, swipe right. We have found each other. Issa match !!


Trusted Social Media Video Production Partner in LA

Sinematic is a full service social media content production company in Los Angeles for you and your brand. We create videos and stories  that delight your audiences whilst amplifing  your  brand’s message. It’s a twofer.

We don’t do it alone, we collaborate together. From helping you understand what messaging suits what platform to delivering high-value content that audiences will love, we are your partner in crime.  As an LA-based social media video production partner our content solutions empower you to build rich, intimate relationships with your customers.

Together, we will take your business needs and translate them into concepts and content that outperforms on various social media platforms, including, but limited to, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X, Reddit, Twitch.

Consistent Social Media Video Production in Los Angeles

Building a community of loyal fans may take time. With consistent production of quality, engaging content, you and your and your brand should be able to see your brand metrics and revenue from social media grow. Throughout the journey, we’ll be there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Content Production Companies in Los Angeles

How can a professional social media video content production company in LA benefit our brand ?

Professional social media video production companies in LA like Sinematic can help your brand build a committed, loyal community on social media. With careful nurturing and consistent engagement, these loyal brand fans will not only purchase products and services, but will also amplify your brand’s mission to others, helping you achieve brand recognition and be the top-of-mind brand when customers are looking for products and services in your category.

What sets your social media video production company in Los Angeles apart from others?

As a Los Angeles-based social media video production company we are committed to helping you achieve consistency in producing high-quality content. We are able to provide creative and production services either for one time projects or for ongoing services. We are very transparent about our pricing, and for monthly retainers, we are able to scale up or down according to your seasonal needs.

Do you produce just one-off social media videos ?

Yes, we do. We can help you produce just one video that you can use for ads on social media.

How do you tailor social media content to different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok?

For social media, our production portfolio consists primarily of video content and photos - short branded stories, product photos and videos, corporate films, animations and illustrations etc but over the years our portfolio has evolved matching new format trends such as GIFs, cinemagraphs, boomerangs along with matching audio trends. Talk to us about your social media content needs, chat with us live on our site.

Can social media production companies in New York City assist with managing social media advertising campaigns?

Yes, we’ll edit and resize your video content to optimize for different formats on Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok etc. Whether horizontal, vertical or square; we’ll retool the content to fit the platform.

Do you offer customized content strategies for businesses in different industries?

Yes. We produce social video content across several industries, including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, financial services, consumer tech, consumer goods, sports, gambling, travel, tourism and hospitality.

How do you as a social media video production company in Los Angeles ensure that social media content aligns with our brand's voice and identity?

As a social media video production partner we follow your brand guidebook in our content creation projects. Further, we collaborate with your brand creative team to make sure that the content reflects not only the look and feel, but the tone and personality of the brand. Our tight approval process makes sure that each social media content produced - videos, photos, animations, cinemagraphs, etc - has been signed off by primary brand stakeholders, ensuring full and total alignment.

What is the typical turnaround time for producing social media content?

1 - 2 weeks after getting your approval.

Can you accommodate specific requests for video styles or formats?

Yes, we can. We do keep in mind standard formats for social : 16x9, 9x16, 1x1 etc when doing the creative concepts and production, but will be more than glad to accommodate your own specific formats in the case of other media such as out-of-home integrations etc

Do you offer analytics and insights to track the performance of social media campaigns?

Yes. In the case where we manage publishing and distribution, you will receive monthly analytics into how your content is performing.

How do you handle revisions or adjustments to content during the production process?

We provide quotes with 3 - 5 revisions included. During editing, we will provide you with links to the videos and you will easily add revision notes to the places that you need changed. All of our editing and revision is done collaboratively with your team.

What is your pricing structure for social media video production services in Los Angeles ?

Our prices may be a one-time invoice for one-off social media video production projects, or on a monthly retainer basis for on-going social media content production. Most of our monthly retainers average $7,500 - $20,000 for content, and hence are very affordable and very competitively priced in comparison to other social media video production companies in the Los Angeles area.

How can we get started with your social media production services?

Email us at, we'd love to help you get started.

Our Social Media Video Content Production Services

Social listening • Market Research • Social Media Community Management • Creative Concept and Scriptwriting  • Talent Scouting & Influencer Management  • Location Scouting • Filming • Editing

Optimization for Social Platforms • Distribution and Placement

Consistent Social Media Video Production in Los Angeles

Building a community of loyal fans may take time, but with consistent production of quality, engaging content, you and your and your brand should be able to see your brand metrics and revenue from social media grow. Throughout the journey, we’ll be there.

Social Media Video Content Production and Community Building

As a social media video production company in LA, we’ll help you and your brand conquer the 4 C’s of Social  :

  1. Content : Our social media productuon company will produce quality content that delights audiences, making them come back for more. Your social channels will be the place your audience  comes to for entertainment and general know-how and education about products and services in your category.
  2. Consistency : Social is not a one-off channel, there are no one hit wonders. We will help you create consistency in your production and broadcast schedule, as well as consistency across branding, look and feel, mood and tone.
  3. Collaboration : This is not a one-man show; it’s an orchestra. We’ll help you recruit and produce amazing content with social media influencers, helping your content organically and affordably reach followers that were previously out of your brand’s reach.
  4. Community : Where you hire us to manage your social communities, we’ll aim to create a sense of belonging and engagement that is not merely transactional. Our social media community managers are there to respond to comments, solicit feedback, create excitement about upcoming new content and generally build a loyal community around your brand. Turning viewers into not only followers but committed, loyal fans and brand advocates is the goal. These newly minted brand advocates will help amplify your brand’s mission on social and help boost brand loyalty, retention and help turn even a small start up into a successful brand that is “social-first.”

Our high-level partners

We have worked with blue-chip industry leaders, and are excited to work with you.

Rating & Reviews

My team and I recently had the pleasure of working with Sinematic for our company's brand campaign video production, and I am pleased to say that we all walked away very happy with the exceptional service and quality of work.

Rachel J. | CEO, Reserved & Polished

Good corporate video production company for anyone or marketers looking for video production services in New York. Sinematic initially helped us with a few videos for investor education, later retained for social content.

Cecily S. | Marketing & Sales, Financial Services

I have had an amazing time working with this. They receive my highest recommendation !

Ilaria M. | CEO, Powerstrike

Five star ! Very good production partner.

Anthony W. | The New School

Everyone on set was very, very professional. This was a wonderful team, thank you !

Carole D. | CMO, Arbonne

Cost for Social Media Video Production in Los Angeles Cost

Our monthly retainers for monthly social media video production in Los Angeles range on average $7,500 – $20,000 per month. This would include photography, video clips, live action, animation and motion graphics etc.

We are able to customize our packages according to your brand needs.

Social Media Video Production Retainers

Our client partnerships last for years, and our clients are happy to renew the retainers for social media productions year after year because of our passion to deliver exceptional quality, fast turnarounds and white glove client service.

We will create a bespoke retainer package for you, with the flexibility to scale the work scope up or down as you see fit. 

Advantages of Retained Video Production Services for Your Social Media Marketing

1. Creative services for concepts, scripts, and you always have a partner to deliver creative that understands your business

2. Consistent productions for each quarter, helping you publish social content

3. Very effective thanks to  economies of scale.


4. Ready to go team whenever you need, saving you time and resources from searching for new production partners for each production

5. Continuous editing support to repurpose and remix old content

6. Remote productions for your and your team – you can be in your office and remotely join the set

Quarterly reviews


Recent Awards

Telly Awards Silver in Beauty/Cosmetics/Toiletries Commercials

Foundation for Chiropractic Care
Telly Awards Gold in General Not For Profit for Commercials

Telly Awards Silver in General Fitness, Health and Wellness for Regional TV

Telly Awards Gold in General Health and Wellness for Commercials

Hell Energy x Bruce Willis
Telly Awards Gold in Craft Editing for TV Commercials

National Realty
Telly Award Gold Winner : Cinematography – National TV

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Telly Award Bronze Winner: Financial Services (Non-Bank) — Regional TV

Video Content Production Company for Facebook

On Facebook, visitors discover and watch videos mostly in their News Feed. The Facebook News Feed is a prime opportunity for brands to reach their target audience, raise awareness about their brand and new products or services and start fostering intimate relations with their audience.

Facebook has updated its New Feed ranking algorithm to favor videos that people want to watch. With this latest algorithm update, Facebook promises to push and favor videos that are “sticky” – that is, people will continuously come back and watch them again and again. In the same vein, Facebook pages that have a good “sticky” factor, that is, audiences come back their pages to engage with their content repeatedly will be rewarded with their social media content getting favored and shown more on the News Feed.

As a social media production company, we want to be able to create that “sticky” content for you. One way to do this is to create very engaging one-off videos that people will continuously come back to. However, Facebook itself has confirmed that videos that are a part of a series – think, episodic content – will get shown more on NewFeed.

How Our LA-based Social Media Video Productions Help You Win Facebook

1. Create and manage your Facebook video content calendar and budget

2. Produce branded, entertaining episodic content regularly that audiences will return to consistently

3. Recruit social media influencers that speak to your target audience for co-productions and improve organic reach


4. Manage your social publishing calendar

5. Engage and respond to community questions, comments

Building Engaged Communities on Facebook

Facebook has promised that it will reward and rank better content from partners that are creating active communities on the platform.

“Partners who are creating active communities” refers to brands on Facebook who are actively fostering engagement and interaction within their audience. As such, as a brand you will want to  go beyond simply posting content; but also actively encourage discussions, respond to comments, and build a sense of community around your content.

As your social media content creation and strategy partner, we will help you plan a full strategy and calendar that helps you build active communities on Facebook. Past social content calendars we have created for clients include creating groups, hosting live Q&A sessions, facilitating conversations among followers, or organizing Facebook live events. Essentially, as your social media production content partner we want to help you not just produce video content for social media, but offer our help in cultivating a loyal and engaged audience that regularly interacts with your content and with each other.

Partner with Top Social Media Production Company in LA

At The Sinematic Pineapple, we understand the power of video content in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we are committed to staying on top of the latest trends and techniques to ensure that our clients always get the best outcome infused with the magic that gets results.
Get the Pineapple expertise. Contact us today to get started!

Social Media Content Video Production Company in Los Angeles for YouTube

As a social media production company in LA, we want to help you build your brand’s YouTube channel so that both your organic and paid video content has maximum reach.

YouTube is the number one video search engine in the world, and the second search engine after Google. This is the place for you to not only build a community and engage them in meaningful ways that foster positive brand affiliation, but it is also the best platform to answer “how-to” questions that plague your audience.

Video Search Engine Optimization for YouTube

As a video search engine, the video production of content for  YouTube must first be informed by keyword searches that people use to find you and your competitors. 

In our role as your social media content creation agency we will create content that corresponds to these searches. Video content that is entertaining and informative is the winner here. Afterwards, we will then do a YouTube search engine optimization for this video content, that is, incorporating internet traffic-heavy words into the titles and descriptions so that your videos are easy to find for viewers.

How Our Social Media Production in Los Angeles Can Help You Win YouTube

1. Perform keyword audit to understand how audiences find you and your competitors

2. Create a content strategy for organic content that responds to the searches from your target audience.

3. Create creative concepts and scripts that are entertaining and engaging with your audience based on their search queries.

5. Maintain consistent video content production calendar

6. Video production with YouTube influencers to help improve brand reach

7. Optimize all content for discovery and conversion using YouTube SEO, CTAs, subtitles