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Sinematic is a one of the top TV commercial production companies Los Angeles, delivering broadcast production services for global clients determined to elevate their brands with TV advertising.

Sinematic delivers end-to-end TV commercial services, from script writing and creative services to commercial video production in Los Angeles and post production – editing, color correction, motion graphics, mastering.

Commercial production companies Los Angeles are renown for their commitment to excellent film production. Sinematic is dedicated to delivering outstanding results through collaborative efforts, competitive billing and detailed, professional production processes. We understand that your TV commercial campaign is a serious investment, and we want to make your investment deliver fantastic sales and brand lift for you and your company.

LA Commercial Video Production

Reach out to us via email, chat or phone; our team will be delighted to assist you. Let’s collaborate to transform your ideas into an advertisement masterpiece.

Bring your vision, and we’ll provide the expertise and resources to make it a reality. Together, let’s propel your brand to new heights of recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions About TV Commercial Production Companies Los Angeles

Can commercial production companies Los Angeles assist with location scouting and permits?

Yes, TV commercial production companies in LA can assist with location scouting and permits in the Greater Los Angeles area. Contact us at to discuss further.

What are the top-rated commercial production companies Los Angeles, according to client reviews?

Sinematic is one of the top commercial production companies in Los Angeles according to client reviews online.

What industries do you work with for your Los Angeles-based TV commercial production services ?

We work with financial services, automotive, health care and pharmaceutical, consumer tech, fashion and apparel, beauty and wellness, food and beverage, travel and tourism, education, real estate and many more.

Do commercial production companies Los Angeles handle both filming and post-production needs?

Yes, Sinematic, a Los Angeles commercial production companies regularly handles filming and post-production needs such as editing, VFX, music scoring, beauty clean-up and retouching, optimization of TV commercials for social media channels etc

Do commercial production companies Los Angeles provide script writing services?

Yes, as a commercial production company in Los Angeles Sinematic does offer script writing services to its clients.

Do commercial production companies in LA offer storyboard services ?

Yes. We offer detailed storyboards to help our clients visualize the commercial and give feedback. Request for sample storyboards at

Are there any specialized commercial production services offered in Los Angeles, such as animation or aerial videography?

Yes. We offer animation, motion graphics, drone videography, greenscreen, VFX, Cinema 4D etc. Please chat with us to discuss your requirements.

Do commercial production services in Los Angeles offer casting services for actors and models?

Yes, we offer casting services for our commercial productions in Los Angeles. All tapes are submitted to the client for review along with suggested cast. We also help with casting influencers for TV commercials.

Are there commercial production companies in Los Angeles that are committed to supporting female directors ?

Yes, Sinematic is committed to supporting women directors and the Free The Bid Initiative, which encourages the consideration of female film directors for commercial production opportunities.

TV is King, Creative is Queen

Being a creative commercial production company in Los Angeles, we are aware that television advertising is still the reigning king when it comes to return on investment compared to other channels. But hey, let not forget our queen, Creative Concept.

She holds court right next to the king of ROI. Research from Project Apollo has found that no less than 65% of the lift in brand sales can be attributed to the creative quality of the TV commercial. That is a number to pay attention to folks !

The advertising landscape may have shifted, but Creative Concept still wears the crown. Shine on, Queen ! Recently, media factors like targeting, reach, and recency have emerged as the new MVPs. Thanks to cutting-edge data and technology, these factors have leveled up from supporting players to game-changers, boosting their sales-driving prowess from 15% to a whopping 36% over the past decade. Now that’s what we call a glow-up !
But chill – as we mentioned, Her Majesty the Creative still holds court, and when the TV is on, she still got it. Weak creative? Cue the crickets. Is anyone there ? Can anyone hear me ? Strong creative ? Now we’re talking — sales soar, skies open up, angels sing, the Brooklyn Nets win the championship …. You get the picture.

Excellent Creative is like the star quarterback on your team— sure, everyone else – targeting, reach etc – plays a role, but they’re the real MVP. Pairing your TV media buy with the perfect creative ? That’s like finding the peanut butter to your jelly — it just works. Mmmh, yum ! You did not hear us say that mastering the art of advertising was easy, but with the right mix of creativity, media savvy, and a dash of good old-fashioned humor, you’ll be ruling the airwaves in no time.
Looking for a Los Angeles-based TV commercial production company ? Then let’s chat, email us at
Our conversation may just be the start to building your brand empire and the beginning of your reign over the airwaves.

Script Writing for Your Commercial Production Project

Sinematic offer script writing services for TV commercial projects. If you have initial ideas that are not yet condensed into production-ready scripts, we’ll discuss your ideas and present them in shoot-ready format. We are also able to ideate from scratch and present scripts for you to review.

Commercial Production Companies in Los Angeles for Celebrity Campaigns

Sinematic team has worked with numerous TV and film stars for tv advertising, and are fully versed in the protocol and etiquette of working with global film stars, their agents, managers.

Sinematic handles items such as security detail, travel logistics such as private flight arrangements, hotel accommodations, food and concierge, private tailoring and fitting, grooming, body double for stunts, extra insurance for body double, green room requests etc.
When you have invested in global brand partnerships with an A-list Hollywood star, you want to make sure that the Los Angeles commercial production company you partner with is able to deliver.

With Sinematic, you can easily rest assured that we will deliver. Email our Los Angeles TV commercial production company for further discussions about your celebrity-based campaign.

Our high-level partners

We have worked with blue-chip industry leaders, and are excited to work with you.

Rating & Reviews

My team and I recently had the pleasure of working with Sinematic for our company's corporate video production in New York, and I am pleased to say that we all walked away very happy with the exceptional service and quality of work. This was a brand collaboration between our brand Reserved & Polished and a social media personality with a distinct personal brand. Sinematic responded to our initial request for a quote fast, and we were able to get on a call that same afternoon.

Rachel J. | CEO, Reserved & Polished

I have had an amazing time working with this. They receive my highest recommendation !

Ilaria Montagnani | CEO, PowerStrike

Good corporate video production company for anyone or marketers looking for video production services in New York. Sinematic initially helped us with a few videos for investor education, later retained for social content.

Anthony W. | The New School

Five star ! Very good production partner.

Anthony W. | The New School

Everyone on set was very, very professional. This was a wonderful team, thank you !

Carole D. | CMO, Arbonne

Recent Awards

Telly Awards Silver in Beauty/Cosmetics/Toiletries Commercials

Foundation for Chiropractic Care
Telly Awards Gold in General Not For Profit for Commercials

Telly Awards Silver in General Fitness, Health and Wellness for Regional TV

Telly Awards Gold in General Health and Wellness for Commercials

Hell Energy x Bruce Willis
Telly Awards Gold in Craft Editing for TV Commercials

Telly Awards Gold in General/Institutional/Corporate Image for TV Commercials

Telly Awards Gold in General/Household Products/Packaged Goods for Online Commercials

National Realty Advisors
Bronze Winner: Financial Services (non-bank) — Regional TV

Iconic Los Angeles Locations for Your Commercial Production

Los Angeles, the city of Angels. We love this cinematic heaven, and it always brings us joy to film in LA. For your commercial production in Los Angeles, we’ll scout and process permits with the City prior to filming.

Here are eight iconic locations that we love to film in, and that may just be the scenic background for your commercial :

Hollywood Sign: It doesn’t get more LA, and more iconic, than this classic landmark. You see it and you immediately know, we are in LA !

Griffith Observatory: Stunning doesn’t do this Los Angeles classic justice, and it also screams “Los Angeles” immediately the audience will see this shot in your TV ad.

Venice Beach: If New York has Coney Island, then Los Angeles has Venice Beach. Street performers, skateparks and bright splashes of color mark this a must-have in your Los Angeles-based campaign.

Santa Monica Pier: The Santa Monica Pier is a classic spot with its amusement park rides, restaurants, and ocean views, making it ideal for capturing the essence of coastal LA.

Walt Disney Concert Hall : The gleaming silver concaves offer such a dramatic architectural backdrop it is a must-have when you want to set the Los Angeles vibe. We have shot here several times, including our Olympic ad campaign with Nike.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills: For upscale, ritzy Los Angeles vibe.

Malibu Beaches: There are beaches, and then there is Malibu. The cliffs are a spectacle, and have been featured in many movies. For fashion, lifestyle campaigns, this may just be the location.

Laguna Beach : Even though it is a bit of a drive, this charming sea town offers quaint, upscale Southern California. The beaches are very clean and are surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens. Lifestyle, fashion, beauty and wellness campaigns would be elevated by its scenery.

These iconic locations are just a few examples of LA’s rich and spectacular landscapes that have made this city beloved by film directors and photographers alike. Los Angeles is indeed the premier destination for TV commercial productions.
Explore our location scouting and broadcast production services in LA via email at and discover how we can help you film in the City of Angels.

Drone Commercial Video Production in Los Angeles

Our drone operators have permits to film within the designated Los Angeles area. Drone footage will elevate your commercial with scenic beauty of Los Angeles landscapes as well as add motion and excitement to the final edit.

To comply with FAA and local regulations, we will need clearance before flying drones over beaches, parks and public buildings. To see if the specific scenes required are designated for drone videography, please reach out to us.

Our operators follow rules and regulations laid down by the Federal Aviation Administration as well as local Los Angeles county rules.

Contact our Los Angeles TV commercial production team via email for further details.

Environmental Friendly Commercial Production Company in Los Angeles

Sinematic is committed to sustainable TV commercial production practices and in fully doing its civic duty to protecting the environment and minimizing waste.

Our efforts in the past have included, but not been limited to, replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting, helping consume less electricity and generate less heat. To our delight, not only are the LED lights offer better quality, but are also lighter for crew and transportation.

We have also embraced the use of eco-friendly transportation options like electric or hybrid vehicles, reducing the carbon print of all of our commercial production projects in Los Angeles.

Sinematic consolidates unused paint for resale or donates them to partner studios for future productions. As for props, Sinematic regularly donates props and materials to local goodwill charities after finalizing production. Similarly, Sinematic donates production wardrobe to charities for the homeless or repurposes them for future productions.