Video Production Company In Los Angeles for Non-Profit

At Sinematic, we love working with nonprofits and other driven mission brands that are looking to solve some of the social issues we are dealing with. We have collaborated with brands to create awareness about several important issues, including, but not limited to, domestic violence, child hunger, minority rights, voting, internet safety. That the nonprofits that tackle these important issues are funded mostly by donations creates a sense of urgency, as our campaigns do need to drive up the funding campaigns so that the non profit organizations are able to deliver these important social services.

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is a non-profit that creates awareness about how chiropractic care can help with everyday wellness. One of the goals is to encourage the general public to consider visiting a chiropractor for their ailments, another is to encourage students to consider going into chiropractor as a career path.

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The Olympics

The F4CP had identified the Olympics as the opportune time to reach out to the general public about how chiropractic care can help improve their general wellness.

The Reach

The campaign was scheduled to run on NBC, and would reach an average of 60 million viewers. Additionally, the campaign had social versions running on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, X. Further edits would be made to be distributed by brand partners across email and web.

Our Creative Services for the Non Profit Campaign

F4CP was looking for full service campaign production, from concept to final edit and delivery. In our very initial call the F4CP shared about their messaging objectives – that is, to help the general public consider chiropractic care as well as encourage chiropractor as a career option for those still in school. After further discussion about the messaging, the brand, the target audience, and the budget, we scheduled a call two weeks later to present initial concepts.The team also presented a brand ambassador for the campaign, a former Olympics champion who was now a chiropractor herself.

As planned, we had a meeting later to review the concepts. To help our clients envision the campaign, we also presented clear storyboards that showed the floor of the concepts. The team presented their feedback a week later, choosing one of the concepts but with suggested revisions.

Location Scouting & Filming in Downtown Los Angeles

We scouted Downtown Los Angeles for the exteriors, and we settled on the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The beautiful, silvery curves in the background naturally lent itself to the campaign. We organised necessary permits for locations with the City of Los Angeles.

The original campaign had been planned to be filmed via steadicam, but after scouting the location, some changes were made, and a camera jib and camera car was added to the equipment. This would allow for smoother camera shots when our brand ambassador was running.

On the day of filming, we had a crew of about 100 people – camera, lights, jib, make up etc. The film set started at 5 am, and after breakfast and client arrival, our cameras went up at 7am for the first shot. We filmed with vintage Kowa lenses, and they lent a grainy texture to the footage that you could see on the screens placed around the set.  The beautiful rays of the Southern California sun reflected off the Walt Disney silvery curves beautifully, and when our camera car sped down the LA street to capture the brand ambassador sprinting past the iconic LA architecture, we knew we had captured magic. Later, we moved our camera from the jib to steadicam, and captured more footage for our non-profit client.

Iconic, Old Hollywood Studio

The second part of the day was filmed in the beautiful Mack Sennett studios. The Mack Sennett Studios in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. The Mack Sennett is an iconic studio in Los Angeles, it is over 107 years old, and had been used to film the earlier short films of Charlie Chaplin.

The studio itself has been reinvented over the years, and is beautiful, extremely clean and modern, and has been used in the filming of hundreds of music videos and commercials. The studio in the past has held productions by Bruno Mars, Oprah, Blake Shelton.

We had constructed a locker room for the second filming of the commercial at The Studio. The locker room was tone-on-tone green, keeping in light of the brand colours. We had cast extras who were also dressed in tone-on-tone, and the beautiful harmony of the colours was reflected in the footage.

Filming finished about 7pm, and the set was fully cleared by 9pm. The commercial filming was done.

Editing Services for Our Non Profit Campaign

It took about 2 weeks to edit the beautiful footage, and another one week to compose original music. The original music is breathy, and uses a lot of sound effects to create a truly palpable soundtrack.

The Results

The campaigns aired during the NBC Olympics, and the client saw a clear lift in brand recognition and sign ups for chiropractic services. The campaign won 2 Telly Awards for Cinematography and Editing.