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6 Tips : What Makes an Effective Television Commercial

May 13, 2024
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Image of A Couple in a TV Commercial

What makes an effective television commercial and elevates its to something so memorable, so familiar, that the commercial becomes a marker of time, so that when you remember your childhood, or your teen year, this commercial is one of those things that define that experience ? What makes an effective television commercial such that people will not only talk about it when it is released, but for years after? How is it that you remember a car insurance ad that you watched 10 years ago but you can barely recall an ad you watched just a few hours ago? Why does one video campaign go viral, and another one falls flat?

Indeed, the discussion around what makes an effective television commercial is a rich one, with insights pouring in from both business experts and psychologists alike. However, let’s take a step back from the academic discourse and delve into a more informal yet experienced perspective, shaped by over 30 years of producing TV commercials.

After having produced hundreds of campaigns, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the concept is paramount. While there are many factors that contribute to a commercial’s appeal, it ultimately boils down to the strength of its concept. A powerful concept can shine through even with simple execution, while a weak concept will falter despite all the razzle dazzle. This is precisely why you may forget an ad you watched yesterday but still vividly recall one from a decade ago. The enduring power of a great concept cannot be overstated, and it’s the cornerstone upon which the entire advertising industry thrives.

So, what makes an effective television commercial concept? While achieving instant connection or likability isn’t a formula set in stone, there are common elements observed in successful TV ads. Let’s explore some of these elements that can help your marketing team craft something that hits the bull’s eye:

  • Engaging Storytelling: A compelling narrative with a clear beginning, middle, and end, often incorporating suspense to captivate the audience.
  • Humor: Infusing the video with humor, whether subtle or overt, to foster a deeper connection and engagement with viewers.
  • Music: Selecting impactful music tracks that evoke emotions and enhance the overall viewing experience.
  • Provoking Curiosity: Crafting content that piques viewers’ curiosity and leaves them wanting more, whether it’s information, humor, or brand-related content.
  • Targeted Approach: Tailoring the video to resonate specifically with the intended audience, considering factors such as age, class, or income demographics.
  • High Production Standards: Ensuring top-notch production quality to maximize the video’s impact and effectiveness in achieving its objectives.

By incorporating these elements into your television commercial concept, you can increase its chances of not only capturing attention but also leaving a lasting impression on your audience, turning your ad into a true cultural phenomenon.

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